El Camino (Camino de Santiago)

El Camino (Camino de Santiago)

The Camino de Santiago (’The way of St James’, or ‘El Camino’) is the name given to the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James. There are many starting points, and many ‘ways’, but they all lead to the same place: the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Northwest Spain).

During August 2016, I did the Camino del Norte, from Castro Urdiales to Santiago de Compostela. I chose this route as it is supposedly one of the most beautiful ways (following the coastline of Northern Spain), and one of the quietest routes.

Most people do the Camino on foot (and I have so much respect for those!). I however, decided to do it on bike, mainly because I just enjoy cycling. To complete it on foot takes around 4 – 5 weeks. They say that everyones ‘Way’ is different, and how could it not be? Each persons experience is unique and I feel that you can learn a lot about yourself during this journey. When your days are simplified into ‘wake up/eat/cycle/sleep/repeat’, you have a lot of time to ponder on things.

Hopefully without sounding like a cliché, I feel that ‘my way’ taught me some very important lessons. After 17 days, I was sad to leave and return back to reality, but I carry the amazing experiences and fond memories with me.

In total I cycled approx. 780km, (9,821m uphill and 9,508m downhill), and I still don’t have cool cyclist calf muscles.

All photos taken on a Fuji X100s.

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  1. Jo wilkinson

    Hello Danny
    truly wonderful photos, what an achievement, such an epic journey. I am hoping to walk this route next year so I really enjoyed your images. You have a real gift for capturing the spirit of the people and the environment..
    I am privileged to have been able to walk 1900 kms of the routes of the caminos over the past 4 years. The camino Francis, the Portuguese, the Primitivo, Finisterre to muxia, and various other sections along ‘the way.’.
    Katannuta, Jo

  2. Danny

    Hey Jo,

    You certainly have caught the Camino bug!!! I’m incredibly impressed with what you’ve done…I’ve heard that the Primitivo is particularly difficult!

    Thanks for your kind words, and if my images have given you a tiny bit of inspiration, I’m happy!

    Take care,


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